If you happen to be among those allergic to grass pollen, then a runny nose, difficulty in breathing and other hay fever have become an all too familiar experience for you. Late spring and early summer, when the grass releases pollen into the air can be quite the difficult time for you.
Kids and pets are also not spared. Aside from other topical allergies that the kids and your pets may develop, grass allergy is a reality and the text book symptoms are similar for kids and adults. Your pets will also show some of these symptoms and will also require some medical attention, which requires financing.
As with other allergies, the best course has always been to completely avoid the triggers. In this case, then, this means avoiding coming into contact with the grass pollen. While ensuring the lawn is always mowed may work to some extent, this will require you to bring in some help with the regular mowing. Of course this can be quite expensive, and quite the hassle with the noise from the lawn mower interrupting your plans to sleep in on the weekend.
An artificial grass installation in the front and back yards is an option worth the investment. Not only do you get a spectacularly looking lawn all year round, through all the seasons, but you also won’t find yourself cringing at the thought of late spring and summer. There will definitely be more space in your medicine cabinet, as you spend less on medication to manage these allergies. Some people have been known to set aside a budget for the dry and windy days when the air carries grass and other types of pollen across miles.
Installing synthetic turf means zero pollen counts from your lawn. This is because artificial grass does not flower or produce any pollen. It gives you the ease of mind to move and play freely with the kids and your pets in the lawn, without giving a second’s thought to an allergy attack. Health and safety is rightly a main concern in any home, and fake grass is very real when it comes to ensuring the health and safety of all members of , your household.
Synthetic is good on your health and good on your pockets. No longer will you worry about breaking into hives and other uncomfortable symptoms any more than you will need to worry about spending big, managing these allergies.