Painting is a comparatively cheap home renovation project that will give your home the perfect facelift. Most people do not give thought to much else except the color, but there is quite a bit to put into consideration when choosing paint for your project.

Oil or Latex?
Both oil and latex-based have their advantages and your choice of one over the other will be better informed after a careful evaluation of these advantages as best suits your particular project.
Latex points are very durable, retain color for longer and offer superior chalk resistance. This means that unlike oil-based paints which are brittle, you will enjoy a stable coat of paint that is resistant to cracking and chipping. You can also save time and move to apply a second layer of paint because latex paints have a shorter drying time, typically less than 6 hours. Latex paints are also much easier to clean and soap in water will be more than an effective solution. Lastly, latex-based paints do not emit fumes and are inflammable, making them perfectly safe for application in any given space.
While oil-based paints have longer drying times, pose a greater challenge when it comes to cleaning and produce an odor, they also have some inherent advantages. Oil –based paints are very durable and adhere quite well to the different surfaces and materials they can be applied on, guaranteeing long life. Similarly, oil-based paints are perfect for trim work with the cot staying in great condition despite the abuse.

Paint Finish
When it comes to choosing the finish, sheen or gloss, you have several options from a flat finish to a high level gloss. Away from the obvious aesthetic appeal that gloss provides, its usefulness also stretches to practicality in that it can extend the life of your paint coating. Some paints have additives such as enamel just for the purpose of enhancing longevity of the paint.
Consider a sheen that offers the desired performance in terms of aesthetics and concealing surface imperfections, stain-resistance and ease of cleaning and added durability.
Whether it is DIY project or you are engaging a home renovations contractor for your painting job, choosing the right paint assures you of a less stressful time as you do the project. Always ensure that you get the right paint and you can be sure that the whole project will surely come together for that perfect finish you have in mind.