I have had the privilege to attend many events and parties and enjoyed the privilege of organizing not nearly as many events, but quite the significant number. Whether a local school fete, a charity event, birthday party or wedding reception, jumping castles have joined the ranks of must-have entertainment options for nearly event and we can only but jump for joy at the thought.
From experience, I have learnt that it is not enough to merely hire some bounce houses for an event. Instead, due careful consideration must be given to the choice of the castle to ensure that you hire units that are exactly suited for the particular event. This brings to mind some of the pointers that I have picked over the years, as briefly highlighted below

Age of Guests
It would be wishful thinking to imagine that just because you are hosting a birthday party for your 10-year old that every guest will be of the same age group. Older kids may come to chaperone their younger siblings. Parents may also stay for the party. As you plan for the event, keep in mind that you send the invitations out to and work out a comprehensive list of who is expected turn up on the material day.
It would be irresponsible and very unsafe to have kids of different age groups playing in the same bouncing castle. A toddler playing in the same space as the older kids is the perfect recipe for a disaster in the bounce houses, which is why the safety standards governing the operation of jumping castles strictly disallow the same.

Similarly, if you are expecting adults at your event, it is always a good idea to throw in couple of adult-sized castles. Adults today are enjoying playing on bouncing castles more than ever and it would definitely ensure they do not feel left out of the party happenings.
The age of your guests will dictate the style of bouncing castles you choose for the event as well as the safety features. A toddlers’ unit will need to come with a safety net and a rain/roof cover, whereas adults and older kids would be just fine playing in an open-roofed unit. Similarly, older kids would appreciate playing in a unit with a basketball hoop, wrestling arena and other features while the youngest among your guest would be happy to spend their day just bouncing and sliding around.

Event Theme
What is the theme of the day? Adults may not bother too much with details such as themes but kids are very much into themed parties. An absolute favorite for girls are princess-themed parties for which you will find a range of bouncing castles that will be just perfect for the day. Boys, on the other hand, enjoy all things superhero and would be total excited for a chance to play on a superhero-themed bouncing castle. Disney is not just for the kids as an adult-sized princess castle would be perfect for a bridal shower party.

Party Venue
Will yours be an indoor or outdoor event? The outdoors is always the most preferred choice for bouncing castle set up, but that is not to say that the bounce houses can be set up just as well and safely inside a hall. It is important to provide this crucial piece of information so that the hire company crew comes well prepared with all the necessary equipment for a successful and safe set up. For indoor venues, in addition to special set-up needs owing to the hard surface of the flooring, there is always need to choose a bouncing castle that allows for a minimum clearance.
It would be an absolute waste of your money to hire bouncy castle in Perth, just to have them sit idly at the event as no one gets on; which is why you must carefully select the best units that will stand out and draw the crowd in at the event.